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Today the world is changing very fast. In this changing time, it is essential for students to be skilful in every way to exist in this world. Rao Kishan Lal High School Manesar aims at the same ideology. Our school’s aim is to make the students educationally, socially, politically and morally skilful so that they may adjust themselves at world level. Our school has been successfully progressing giving education to the students from prosperous as well as poor families for last fifteen years. Our school’s aims are :- All Around Development – Strong Self Confidence – Bright Future. We want to develop strong self confidence so that they may face every difficult circumstance in their lives and get success in every field. We do not want to churn out such students that cannot be useful for human beings. बडे हुए तो क्या हुए जैसे पेड खजूर ! पंछी को छाया नही फल लगे अति दूर !! We want churn out such citizens that can give the world a new direction and affect the world positively.

Rao Kishan Lal High School Manesar wants to ignite global thinking in students right from early stages. Books / CDs and other resources bear a broad universal perspective and encompass a wide spectrum of activities. Special knowledge is also created in various themes for the benefits of students interested in different areas.

The school is firmly rooted in the enriching philosophy of ” विद्या ददाति विनयम् , विनयम् ददाति पात्रम् ” highlighting the value education and the need of society.

Keeping pace with the changing world where each student is becoming tech-savvy, the school’s classrooms are well equipped with smart board, Tv screen and LCD projectors.

The school is known for its excellence not only in academic but in Co-scholastic areas as well. The school is increasing the children to be leaders in whatever paths they choose.

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